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Hi guys


I've downloaded the album, and I'm having a good look at the website. I love what you've done  on the website - so much to check out - absolutely fantastic. I have'nt listened to the album in full yet, but will be very soon.

Posted by: Scott


I've been awaiting this project with baited breath and its not disappointed. Very slick production guys - congrats to ALL involved.  Love the site design too, very professional.

Posted by: mARKYbOY



I am to be liking this record very much.

You all deserve much credit.

Muchos gracias.

Posted by: dj useo



I never realised I played such an important role when I went to the cinema that day to see Mulholland Drive. A great site guys!

Posted by: Calum


The absolute nun's nipples.

Posted by: NDJB

Makes me wanna chew on a piece of velvet. MOMMMMMYYY!!!!!!

Whatever you do - do NOT get high, turn down the lights and listen to this on headphones! Don't do it! Really.

Posted by: Voicedude


Hey guys
This is really good shit. Congratulations, I'm sure David Lynch would dig it too.

Yours Sincerely

Posted by Lemmiwinks



Thanks to all four of you (Gavin, Andy, Alan and Tom) for the extraordinary insight and concept of this incredible album. And second to Tom for the amazing soundscapes he's created with this haunting and beautiful soundtrack. A timeless obscure classic already.


Posted by: Luis Valencia


This is good!!

Posted by: maetl



Wonderful wonderful work with the album! I'm the mod over at the LJ Lynch community and noticed a post for your site. A few years ago there was an album released which attempted to do some mashing with Twin Peaks audio and music - while decent hardcore electro, it was hardly a fitting tribute to Twin Peaks as an integral whole. However, your work is not only technically efficient but enjoyable, and you definately capture the actual AMBIENCE and feelings surrounding Lynch's corpus.

Again, great job! I'll spread the word.

Posted by: Noah Adrien Lyons



Wonderful work!!!! Congrats!!!

Posted by: juan pablo huizi



The perfect soundtrack to dream to. We go buffalo hunting now.

Posted by: Hokmayen



"The Pink Jack" is awesome!

Posted by: Faery



I finally listened to this last night while working at my desk. I was blown away. It's eerie and beautifully put together. Fantastic work.

Posted by: Ramiro



I'd always knew David Lynch was a mad genius, here's the proof he's not the only one...

Posted by: Pascal Wattie



This is a great work of art. Easily one of the best things I've heard or seen this year. Congratulations!

Posted by: kalisana



Holly Freak'n Gorgous! The soundtrack EREASERHEAD always NEEDED! must listen again, must listen again, mustlisten again.... mus

Posted by: Laurens from Can-EH!-dia



Love this album. Cheers!

Posted by: Timothy Hughes



Enjoying your mix. Here's mine: http://tinyurl.com/lynchmix

Posted by: Mike Wwhite



Wow. I love: I'll Be There In Twin Peaks, The Pink Jack, and I've Told Every Little Pumpkin. Thanks for making this. The whole album is incredible.

Posted by: Joseph Orlando!



This is genius -- the kind of thing that elevates and justifies the entire idea of the remix/mashup as a cultural form. Standouts for me are the opening track and "The Elephant Connection", but there are lots of other sublime moments too.


I've posted about Mashed In Plastic on my own blog as well on Metafilter. Good luck!

Posted by: Maximus



With out question,this website and ALL it's content is the most creative homage to a real artist working in a commercial business , that I've ever seen in my life.

Posted by: Dexter



Wow. Remarkable. Really special.

Bite the bullet baby!

Posted by: Chris Winwood



I have to admit, I was very skeptical of this, but I downloaded it regardless. I popped the disc into my car and found myself driving around and enjoying every second of it. Bravo! Very cool tribute and certainly worthy of Lynch/Badalamenti.

Posted by: Tommy Burton



Love your site and have looked at the videos and downloaded the Music! I met David about a year ago in London where I live and where I am from. He was just fabulous! Keep up the great work! Warmest Regards to you all

Posted by: Derek Lyons



This is amazing guys, sure is one of the best things i ever heard and see. Maybe you can work with Badalamenti in the next soundtrack of a Lynch film.

Posted by: Ignacio



what a fitting tribute I'll Be There In Twin Peaks is...that track is magical. as is Blue Rigby & Don't Go All Wicked On Me. Awesome work peeps.

Posted by: the roach



One of my greatest discoveries of this year! Great job! I LOVE it! xxx

Posted by: Jean-Francois



A wonderful discovery, gentlemen. Take two snorts of Frank's gas out of petty cash.

Posted by: Dan Ryan



that album is without doubt one of the best things i have ever listened to, damn fine work! xx

posted by: katie bennett



Love it!

Posted by: objet petit a



I have pressed charges against Mr. David Lynch. He raped my emotions and my soul several times in a very cruel way! (...hit me!)

posted by Aramon



In Milan.

In a train wrapped by the fog.

With this mashup in the ears I've all that I need.
posted by
Roberto Isolda



in portuguese: 01 Jan 2010, fiz questão de rever "Mashed in Plastic" para ter certeza de que é minha maior inspiração para 2010. O olhar sempre em cena, a montagem, as técnicas do videomaker. Muito impressionante...


in English: 01 Jan 2010, I wanted to review "Mashed in Plastic" for make sure that is my biggest inspiration for 2010. Look always on the scene, the assembly techniques videographer. Very

impressive ...


Kisses DL!!=

Posted by Ronaldo Gino



Amazing! I played the whole record, extras and all on http://www.kaosradioaustin.org over the summer of 2009. Downloading the DVD now. Thank you so much. If you do a part 2 or another project, I'd love to submit a mix.

posted by Slander Bob




Hi, got to say this so I can write clearly; I have fallen in love with "Mashed in Plastic". HAPPY sigh.

posted by dutch AKA @fairuse




I have no words to describe the extent of your creativity! Thank you or sharing and for taking the passion we share for Lynch and music to a different level.

Muchas Gracias

posted by Rafael Angel



I love you guys so much for taking the time to host all this exclusive content.  This is a must for any David Lynch fan.  I can't believe this is all free for the taking!

Posted by Usual Suspekt



A W E S O M E !

posted by Bob Sinisi

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